xVideoServiceThief Plugins For Linux Mint 18

Recently, Linux Mint 18 is introduced and individuals are searching for xVideoServiceThief Plugins for Linux Mint 18. If you are among those peoples then you have reached at right place because I am sharing xVideoServiceThief Plugins for Linux Mint 18(Sarah) & 18.1(Serena). You are able to extent the support of xVideoServiceThief by using plugins.These are plugins are supported Windows, Mac and Linux.You can learn more info about xVideoServiceThief below.

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XVideoServiceThief is a application for Linux, Mac & Windows which enable us to download videos from various websites like YouTube and Dailymotion.There are lots of similar softwares to xVideoServiceThief but xVideoServiceThief is very different from them.The most useful feature that makes xVST distinct from these types of applications is its own multiple videos downloading feature.We can download more than two videos at the same time using xVST software.We may also convert the downloaded movies utilizing xVideoServiceThief into various formats such as AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, MP4, 3GP, and, needless to say, MP3.The xVideoServiceThief is by default is full of powerful features but we could also extend the aid of xVideoServiceThief by installing the plugins.You can Download xVideoServiceThief Plugins for Linux Mint 18 by clicking on below Download buttons.

Download Plugins With Linux Information xVideoServiceThief 2.5.1 Free

xVideoServiceThief Plugins For Linux Mint 18

Lately, the most recent edition of xVideoServiceThief is introduced and new feature that comes in this version is plugins.Now we could extend the aid of xVideoServiceThief by installing various plugins like YouTube Plugin.You may Download xVideoServiceThief Plugins Linux Mint 18 or 18.1 below. YouTube Plugin For xVideoServiceThief.

xVideosServiceThief Youtube Plugins For Linux Mint 18

(Steam Mint 18)

XVideoServiceThief YouTube Plugin for Linux Mint 18 allow us download videos from Youtube without a lot of problems.You will just have to paste link of YouTube movie and after that movie will begin downloading automatically.You can download xVideoServiceThief YouTube Plugin for Linux Mint below.

If you don't understand how to set up xVideoServiceThief Plugins on Linux Mint 18 then you're able to check below steps.After after that measures you can install xVideoServiceThief Plugins on Linux Mint without any difficulties.

More xVideoServiceThief Plugins for Linux Mint

You can checkout more xVideoServiceThief Plugins by clicking on below button.

How To Install Plugins from xVST

It is possible to install any xVideoServiceThief Plugins on Linux Mint 18 by following below steps.
  1. To start with, Download Plug-ins debugger 1.0.0 for your Computers.You can Download it from its xVideoServiceThief official site.
  2. Open Plug-ins debugger in your Computers.
  3. Now Choose the Plugin by clicking Browse button(Three Dots).
  4. Now click on Debug button.

Features of xVideoServiceThief Software

It is possible to checkout amazing and helpful attributes of xVideoServiceThief Software for Linux Mint below.

Download from Several Sites
Download Videos from various sites like YouTube, Metacafe, etc.

Convert Downloaded movies

You can convert the movies after downloading them using xVST.
You can download a number of videos at the same time.
It is possible to schedule your videos so that your Computer may download it while you're not using it.

Pause and Resume Downloads
You can pause and resume downloads specifically.

Search Videos

You can find your favourite videos by hunting it on xVST.After discovering, You can play with or download it.

Core According to Plugins

Expand your copy of xVideoServiceThief together with your own JavaScript plugins.

HTTP & RTMP Service

You can download just about any video from Internet via HTTP and RTMP protocols.

Children Protection

You are able to block the adult sites and protect your child.


XVideoServiceThief is currently supports over 14 Languages.

You can now Download xVideoServiceThief Plugins for Linux Mint 18 Operating system.If you face any sort of problems in downloading xVideoServiceThief Plugin then contact us.We will try to solve your issues as soon as possible.If you found this article useful then please share it on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter so that others may also be familiar with xVST Plugins.


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